15 November 2008

. . e n D o f s t 0 r y . .

this is it..

sampai di sini sahaje..

thanks f0r all of the mem0ry..

thaNks f0R everY sinGle thinG..

s0RRy for everYthiNg wr0ng that i'm d0ne..

i'm n0t perfeCt. sY tk ranCang semUa ney..

h0pe we can be a better pers0n..

betteR thaN noW..


h0pe we can be a fRen. evEn it haRd for uS..


take caRe of y0urseLf..

i'm s0 sorrY


jue said...

nape nie?

eilah said...

...Then,when you have made a decision, put your trust in Allah.For Allah loves those who put their trust(in Him)..(Ali-Imran:159)

Anonymous said...

...be stronger...ether it a end or it the start.. it your choice..

mujahidah_1505 said...

pe dah jadi ecah...
pepon, su doakan moga ecah b'bahagia selalu...